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Sattlerpanorama auf Sommerfrische
(Sattler panorama on summer retreat)

Goldegg Castle, July 14 to August 20, 2023

Thu 18-20 h, Fri, Sat, Sun 15-18 h

Schloss Goldegg
Hofmark 1, 5622 Goldegg

The seven round pictures

The circular paintings were developed especially for the Goldegg exhibition “Sattlerpanorama auf Sommerfrische.” Formally modeled on the imposing circular painting “Sattler Panorama” created in 1825-1829, which shows the city of Salzburg and its surroundings from the fortress, the artists’ collective presents the Sattler Panorama as well as the top tourist destinations Paris, London and New York in a “new dress”. With a utopian view and great creative finesse, Paris, for example, is supplemented by the Manhattan skyline, the Brandenburg Gate and Fujiyama.
A circular painting is dedicated to the film classic Sound of Music. For around half a million visitors, this classic film made in 1965 is the reason to visit Salzburg – not even Mozart exerts more attraction than the filmed story of the Trapp family. With over 1.2 billion visitors worldwide and five Oscars, it is one of the most successful films of all time – only in Austria have very few people ever seen it. In the circular painting by Steinbrener/Dempf & Huber, a second Salzburg trademark, the Mozartkugel, is strikingly staged and competes with the famous Sound of Music subject for visual attention.
In a circular image, Steinbrener/Dempf & Huber take a look at the universe, and in the last circular image, snakes are the winners in the battle against freeways …
Salzburg and tourism: a symbiotic relationship in which advertising plays a major role. But which images are used for advertising? And how much truth is there in these images? To what extent are clichés served, but there is no interest in correcting them because the guest feels confirmed in his expectations?

Sattlerpanorama auf Sommerfrische” is about the contradictory nature of tourism and nature, about man’s relationship to what we understand as the world. Art creates models to rethink and question this very world and our relationship to it.

Heinz Kaiser

* * * * *

Pigment prints as paper cuts, lampshade frames 60 cm high
Sattler panorama (100 cm diameter), Universe (105 cm diameter), Sound of Music (110 cm diameter), London (115 cm diameter), Snakes/Highway (120 cm diameter), New York (125 cm diameter), Paris (130 cm diameter).

* * * * *

Johann Michael Sattler (1786–1847) first presented his approximately 130 m2 panorama of the city of Salzburg to the astonished Salzburg public on Easter Sunday 1829 in a tent on what is now Makartplatz.
The panorama painting was then the first major tourism advertisement for Salzburg: the family toured Europe with it for ten years – until 1839. For this purpose, the 5-meter-high and 26-meter-long oil painting was packed onto a houseboat and displayed in many European cities in a wooden pavilion specially built for the purpose. And already at that time the whole of Europe became aware of the beauties of Salzburg and its surroundings!
The Sattler Panorama, owned by the Salzburg Museum, was dismantled in March 2023 and moved to a depot.
It will become the centerpiece of a new museum in the south wing of the historic Orangery in Salzburg’s Mirabell Gardens. It is scheduled to open in 2025.


From the round painting to the round picture

The round painting was an invention of the late 18th century. What was new and amazing was that a picture that was basically two-dimensional became an almost three-dimensional visual experience. The prerequisites were picture formats of enormous dimensions and a building of one’s own.
The circular paintings were presented in their own wooden buildings, pavilions or rotundas – if you wanted to look at the picture, you literally had to go into the picture. Amazed, one experienced oneself as an element of a painted world: one was surrounded by reality.
For Steinbrener/Dempf & Huber, this change from the two-dimensional to the three-dimensional is what is so exciting.
Their seven circular paintings also recall that artists such as Alfons Schilling, Klaus Pinter, and Hans Hollein experimented with the circular painting.
In Austria, two outstanding circular paintings still exist – the Sattler Panorama in Salzburg and the Tirol Panorama in Innsbruck, created around 1900.
The exhibition “Sattlerpanorama auf Sommerfrische” is, apart from the criticism of consumerism and commercialization, a homage to a historical pictorial medium of great sensual appeal.