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Mirafall, Ötschergräben, N.Ö.
September 18, 2020 – October 30, 2021

Following three years of preparation and thirteen years after the initial design, the “Cliffhanger” project is now set to open in the Ötschergräben valley on 18 September 2020. The project involves installing a storefront on a sheer rock face next to the Mira Falls.

The aim of this spectacular installation is to visualise the conquest of the landscape and how the boundaries of civilisation are constantly being pushed, including by tourism. Often debasing entire cities and regions into scenery for visitors, turning local residents into mere extras in their own environment, even mass tourism has been hit by coronavirus. The drastic action taken to maximise profits in natural resorts, sometimes at the expense of the local population and nature, would seem to have at least been interrupted.

Is this installation perhaps symbolic of this state of affairs? Is tourism now beyond many people’s reach?

The Mostviertel/the Ötscher area is a region that so far has largely been spared these negative developments, and so the project can be seen as a kind of warning or reminder to treat the environment in a more sustainable, careful manner in future.




Sylvia Eckermann and Gerald Nestler’s “Cliffhanger Parcours” is a cinematic tour that enlarges upon the themes raised by Steinbrener/Dempf & Huber’s artistic intervention “Cliffhanger.” Performances and musical pieces are set in the midst of the Ötscher-Tormäuer Nature Park and its seemingly pristine beauty abounding with water, offering an artistic reflection on the faultlines of Western societies use of natural as well as human resources. Visitors are invited to watch the film clips of “Cliffhanger Parcours” at the locations where the sequences were shot in the Nature Park.

The film clips are part of Eckermann and Nestler’s experimental film musical “Alles hat Grenzen, nur der Mondfisch nicht,” to be released in 2021.